5 Myths about First Copy Watches
May 14, 2024

5 Myths about First Copy Watches

5 Myths about First Copy Watches: There is no second thought about the fact that for the millennial generation, time is of paramount importance. That’s why there’s a huge fuss about owning at least one piece of the most exquisite branded watch in your wardrobe. However, not everybody can afford to have exclusive branded watches and hence, opt for first copy watches. These are fine replica of the original branded watches that are easily available in the market. Despite being a hot topic of discussion among the brand conscious people, First copy watches are storming the market like anything. They are beautiful, work with precision and look as if they have been designed by the original company.

If you are among the fast-moving generation who would like to flaunt their style without burning a hole in their pocket, first copy watches are the best deal. If you are still apprehensive about these watches here are 5 surprising myths about first copy watches that will clear your mind about these beauties.

  1. Myth: First copy watches don’t work for a long time

This is the first & foremost concern among the buyers. What’s the use of spending money on a product which is not going to last! On the contrary, first copy watches have a decent mechanism which leads to an item that works for a longer period of time. In case, the user encounters any problem with the first copy watch, the repairing charges are much less than compared to repairing an original watch from the company.

 2. Myth: There is a difference in the weight of an original watch & a first copy watch

It is safe to say that it is quite impossible to figure out the difference between an original watch and a replica. An avid user and an enthusiast may spot a difference easily but when it comes to weight, almost all the watches have similar weight. The first copy watchmakers follow similar ETA movements as the authentic manufacturers and hence, weight is not an issue.

 3. Myth: First Copy Watches are not as complicated as the original luxury watches

This is not true at all! If you are planning to buy a first copy watch but are still in a dilemma. Hear this! Luxury watches have complicated features such as displaying days and dates and many would think that these features may not work on a first copy watch. Surprisingly, most first copy watches have all these features, making it almost impossible to differentiate between an original and fake product.

4. Myth: First Copy Watches are Expensive

Although everything comes with a price tag, we can assure you that the first copy watches are easily affordable. If you compare the price of an original Rolex watch with a first copy Rolex watch, you will definitely agree on going for a copy with a price worth appreciation.

5. Myth: First Copy Watches available Online are fake

Many people get confused and think that online products are not genuine. First copy watches have an amazing market online and hence; there are end numbers of websites that offer these watches. However, it is advisable to check the authenticity of the buyer before ordering first copy watches online. Check the information provided on the portal read their reviews and comments by the buyers and then only make your decision.

Since there’s always a flip side of the coin, it is better to be aware of the bottlenecks that might come your way while dealing with the first copy watches. The first factor is quality! For those who are all in for the quality of the product, first copy watches might not fulfill your expectations, but they can definitely make up for a great buy if maintained and handled with care.