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Amazing fsl premium mens watch

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Amazing FSL Premium Men's Watch

Price: ₹2499 (Free Shipping)

Product Overview

Introducing the FSL Premium Men's Watch, a daring and complex timepiece that combines modern aesthetics with advanced functionality. This new motion-powered automatic watch from the 7AA Premium Collection is designed to make an unforgettable impression on your outfit.

Key Features

  • Model: Modern Machine LiteHide
  • Model Number: 3254
  • Quality: 7AA Premium Collection
  • Dial Size: 45mm
  • Movement: Original Japanese Automatic Engine
  • Features:
    • Working 24-hour analog display
    • Stainless steel grey dial
    • Brown leather belt
    • Transparent front and back
    • Tinted grey glass
    • Pendulum rotate charging
    • Fully automatic self-wind mechanism
    • No color issue and rust-resistant
    • 100% satisfaction guarantee

Product Highlights

  • Sophisticated Design: The stainless steel grey dial and brown leather belt provide a stylish and refined look.
  • High-Quality Construction: Made with premium materials, ensuring durability and resistance to rust and color issues.
  • Advanced Functionality: Features a working 24-hour analog display, fully automatic self-wind mechanism, and transparent front and back for a modern aesthetic.
  • Reliable Movement: Equipped with an original Japanese automatic engine, ensuring accurate and reliable timekeeping.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed: Designed to meet high standards of quality and performance, with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Why Choose the FSL Premium Men's Watch?

  • Modern and Elegant: Combines modern design elements with elegant features, making it suitable for various occasions.
  • Exceptional Value: Priced at just ₹2499 with free shipping, offering excellent value for its premium quality and advanced features.
  • Durable and Reliable: Built with high-quality materials and a reliable automatic movement, ensuring long-lasting performance.
  • Complete Package: Comes with a free brand name box, same-day shipping, and COD availability for a convenient shopping experience.

Amazing fsl premium mens watch

Rs. 2,499.00 Rs. 4,999.00 Rs. 2,500.00 Off