Amazing Premium Leather belt watch

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Introducing the Legendary Chronomat Collection

Discover the allure of the legendary Chronomat collection, known for its iconic pilot watches that have captured the hearts of enthusiasts worldwide. Dive into the world of precision and style.

Key Highlights:

  • For Men: Designed exclusively for men, the Chronomat collection embodies masculine elegance.

  • 7AA Premium Collection: This watch belongs to the prestigious 7AA Premium Collection, setting a new standard of excellence.

Notable Features:

Leading Among Premium Collection: The Chronomat collection takes the lead among premium watches, setting a benchmark for quality and craftsmanship.

Working Chronograph Chronometer: Experience the functionality of a working chronograph chronometer, a testament to precision.

24-Hour Timing: Stay on top of your schedule with the 24-hour timing feature.

Automatic Machine: The watch is powered by an automatic machine, ensuring accuracy and reliability.

High-Quality Stainless Steel Metal Strap: The high-quality stainless steel metal strap adds a touch of sophistication, featuring an original dual clasp body.

Brown Crocodile Style Leather Strap: For a touch of elegance, the watch also comes with a brown crocodile style high-quality leather strap.

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Comes with a brand box for added convenience.

Elevate your wrist game with the Legendary Chronomat Collection. It's not just a watch; it's a symbol of precision and style that sets you apart.

Amazing Premium Leather belt watch

Rs. 2,999.00 Rs. 4,999.00 Rs. 2,000.00 Off